DIY Jeep Long Arm Kit, Pair

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This is the way to make your existing longarm or radius arm kit actually strong enough for trail use!

Quite an easy swap but think it through, add a Panhard and a couple of link towers and it is the same style as Ford Bronco. Make some simple changes and it can be a simple 3 link! Lots of possibilities.

The lower tubes are 38 inches long 2" x .25" wall DOM and the uppers are 24 inches long 1.5" x .25" DOM extra long cut to fit for your application. The lower heim is a 1.25" Heat treated heim with your choice of misalignment size. The Chassis Link Bracket hole size is 9/16". The upper is 7/8" Heat treated joint with 9/16" stainless misalignment that is 1 5/8" to fit the radius arm bracket. In the stock form this is made for a plug and play Jeep application but the bracket end could easily become a rod end. Everything comes unwelded