94-02 Dodge ram 4x4 Track bar kit

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This is a bolt in kit for 2nd gen dodge ram 4x4s.

Comes ready to bolt in!

Made from 1.5 dom tubing with a .250 wall with 7/8 heims


Track Bar Install



Removal of the factory front track bar:

  1. Lift the front of the truck and place jack stands under the frame and remove the front wheels.


  1. Remove the cotter pin and loosen the nut (22mm wrench) at the ball stud at the frame end of the track bar. Use a brass hammer (if you care about the old bar) to tap the ball stud loose from the bracket, then remove the nut and lower the end of the track bar down.


  1. Remove the bolt (18mm wrench) at the axle end of the track bar. The flag nut is secured with Loctite – an impact wrench makes bolt removal much easier. Pull the track bar free from the axle. The bolt and flag nut must be re-used.


  1. Unbolt (13mm wrench) the brake line clips from the back of the frame crossmember so that the trackbar bracket can be installed over the crossmember.


Installation of Bryan’s Auto Rebuilder’s adjustable front track bar:


  1. Some 1994 models use a small ball stud and the tapered factory frame bracket must be drilled out to 5/8”.


  1. Mount the supplied upper mounting bracket by bolting it through the factory frame bracket using the 9/16” x 2 1/2” long bolt (15/16” wrench). Next, run the 1/2” x 5” long bolt up through the ear on the front of our bracket, then through the existing frame holes below the steering shaft end, and install  the 1/2” lock nut on the end of the bolt (3/4” wrench). Tighten the nut but do not crush down on the frame.


  1. Re-install and drill through the front of the crossmember from behind using the 3/4” hole as a guide. Keep the holes as straight as possible. You must reach above the axle to hold the drill. Using the two pilot holes for a guide, drill each hole to 1/2” diameter.


  1. Install the end of our track bar that to the passenger's side front axle housing mount using the factory bolt and nut (18mm wrench). Do not fully torque yet.


  1. Install the other end of the track bar Note: You may need to turn the steering wheel to correctly align the bolts with the holes for Steps 6 and 7.


  1. With all of the bolts installed and snugged up, measure the front axle location and make sure it is centered. Dropping a plumb bob off the fender and measuring to the lip of the rim works well. Adjust the bar as needed for centering. To adjust the bar simply loosen the jam nuts on each end and turn the bar to lengthen or shorten it (for lifted applications you will need to lengthen the bar).


  1. Torque the passenger's side track bar to front axle housing mounting bolt to 125 ft./lbs. and the driver's side track bar to upper mounting bracket mounting bolt to 140 ft./lbs.
  1. With the front axle properly centered, the drag link may need to be adjusted to re-center the steering wheel. If you have the truck aligned after installation is complete (recommended), make sure they check the thrust alignment.


  1. Re-install the front wheels and then safely lower the truck to the ground. Installation is complete.



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